About Thrive

Thrive History

Thrive Eatery started out of a need for healthier food and better
nutrition in our neighborhood and around the world.

What We Do​

At Thrive a burger is not just any burger… our patty and homemade sauce are packed with SUPERFOODS, making it a powerhouse of nutrition and yummy goodness. From guilt-free Açaí Brownies to delicious GLUTEN-FREE quinoa pancakes, home-made VEGAN soups and SPROUTED pizzas, at Thrive you will always find amazing foods to enjoy and delight your senses.

Why Thrive

Our vision is to revolutionize the way people eat and drink. We believe health is our most precious asset and that we deserve the best foods and best nutrition. Everything we do is about MAXIMIZING NUTRITION for OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Thrive is more than just a place to get healthy food but rather a place of learning, personal development and health mastery.

Our Mission

At Thrive Eatery we are all about promoting a healthy, vibrant lifestyle to all of our customers. We use all-natural, pure and organic whole food ingredients.

We believe our health is our most precious asset, that everyone can improve their health, and that the smallest changes can have a profound impact.

We are not just a healthy place to eat but also a place of learning and growth.

Don’t just survive – Thrive!!!